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Who we are

We are people who believe that Jesus called disciples to go out to make a difference through love and compassion. We are committed to impact the World through the Word of God and we have started in Burundi. We are always happy to welcome volunteers since we believe that it’s through collaboration and unity that change and impact can be made.

Our Vision

Soul Survivors International aims to promote, empower and support (street) children and teenagers struggling in any area. S.S.I reaches out through health, education, psychological and spiritual development and opportunities to African children by bringing sustainable growth in their lives, as they EXPERIENCE God's love and DISCOVER God's calling upon their lives.

Our mission

Soul Survivors International (S.S.I) is a Christian non-profit organization committed to help, support and work with vulnerable children and teens who struggles with poverty, injustice and AIDS in Burundi. Through God's Word, we have been called to make a difference and impact lives, as Christ Jesus is demonstrated through our faith.


Thank you for visiting our site and wanting to help, donate, or receive information on who we are and what we do.

Soul Survivors International was born this year, 2013, but was formed in 2007. In 2007, I was in high school when the Lord told me about Soul Survivors. It seemed great but at the same time seemed like a burden for a 17 years-old to go out and try to change the world. God gave me the vision of S.S.I., of people who are dying of hunger and children who are homeless, abused, mistreated and deprived from education have no hope and no dreams. They only have their souls left. They are soul survivors.

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